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I started this website for the immediate gratification of my clients who obviously want to view their photos as soon as possible after an event. I also created this website, and the accompanying photography newsletter,as a result of friends, family and amateur photographers who keep on bugging me for photographic tips.Image

My unique services include running after those difficult shots – I rush in where other photographers fear to tread!.This includes:

  • Extreme sports (action, action, action)

  • Wildlife (getting close to that elephant)
  • Travel (look out for those mountain climbing expeditions)

  • Hunting documentaries.

  • And the arty shots I find worthwhile and challenging.

  • I also do the occasional wedding if the bridal couple is prepared to experiment with interesting angles and is looking for something different! 
About Kobus

Kobus Robbertze started his career in fine arts and received a diploma in fine arts at what is now the Central University of Technology (CUT) in 1995. Although photography has been a hobby since his student days, he’s been specifically focused on this art form as a freelance photographer for the past few years.

Kobus is also an avid off road cyclist (fairly green) and does every extreme sport from parachuting, rock climbing and roller blading to scuba diving, bungy jumping and many more! He is also a qualified field guide and decided long ago that he does not mind working at all – as long as it is outdoors!


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